Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart – New Cooking in 5.4

With each expansion come new profession items.  Are you getting ready for the next patch and farming mats you need?  One of the new cooking items will be the Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart.  The cart will give a +300 stat bonus from the meals you prepare.  Think of it as your new banquet.

What mats will you need?  Here is what I’ve found…

You will need in total:

3 x Black Pepper
3 x Rice Flour

5 x Giant Mantis Shrimp
5 x Redbelly Mandarin
5 x Emperor Salmon
5 x Jewel Danio
5 x Tiger Gourami

5 x Mushan Ribs
5 x Raw Tiger Steak
5 x Raw Crocolisk Belly
5 x Raw Crab Meat
5 x Raw Turtle Meat

25 x Green Cabbage
25 x Red Blossom Leek
25 x Mogu Pumpkin
25 x White Turnip
25 x Scallions
50 x Pink Turnip

So get to farming those mats now and make yourself some nice pocket change when the new patch comes out as raiders will surely be looking to buy up the mats as well as the feasts for their raid groups.  Don’t forget that you can utilize your farms to farm most of these mats and if you’re going to fish for the rest make sure to take a toon that can use the fishing leveling.  Don’t forget to use your Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm for extra fishies.  If you don’t have the charm yet, it easily obtained by simply speaking to the NPC Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman near Halfhill.  He spawns in two locations so keep an eye out for him.  All you have to do is talk to him and you have a chance of getting the charm.

Here’s a photo of the NPC (he shimmers) .  He has two spawning locations so keep a sharp eye.

Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman

Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman


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